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XM-REAM – Head Exchangeable Reamer Line for Small Diameter Ø8-12 mm Holes

XM-REAM Head Exchangeable Reamer Line for Small Diameter Ø8-12 mm Holes graphic

XM-REAM is the high productivity head exchangeable reamer line for Ø8-12 mm holes.

Know the parameters of XM-REAM

In response to end-user demand for a wider diameter range in the reaming industry and the popularity of the TM-REAM, a market leader in exchangeable head reamers, TaeguTec presents the XM-REAM.

This head reamer line is for machining small diameters between 8 and 12 mm. The user-friendly, distinctive key clamping system of the XM-REAM contributes to its essential features of minimal setup and downtime. The series consists of holders in lengths of 3xD and 5xD as well as heads for H7 tolerance holes in the 8-12 mm range. Intermediate sized heads can be supplied upon customer request.


  User-friendly, ingenious clamping system – No Set-up time and minimum machine downtime
  Increased number of cutting edges (6z) for higher productivity compared to solid reamers
  Straight type and helix type heads suitable for two hole geometries (AS: blind hole, BL: through hole)
  Excellent hole accuracy and premium surface roughness (H7 tolerance capable)
  Direct coolant supply to each cutting edge
  Range : Ø8-12 mm heads (1 mm increment), 3xD and 5xD holders

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