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WIN-I-GROOVE – Small Hole Internal Grooving Insert Line

TaeguTec the WIN-I-GROOVE Small Hole Internal Grooving Insert Line

TaeguTec introduces the WIN-I-GROOVE – the growing demand in the miniature market for miniature inserts and dedicated holders with internal grooving capability in the 6-8 mm smaller diameter range.

Small hole internal grooving insert line WIN-I-GROOVE (TMIR/L)

WIN-I-GROOVE, capable of grooving even in 6-8 mm small inner diameter, is small parts machining product line. Excellent machining performance is the result of the stronger clamping stemming from the inclined, wide contact surface design of the TMIR/L inserts and TMIHR/L holders. Additionally, the inclined clamping structure offers one further advantage, sufficient space for smooth chip evacuation.

Along with steel holders capable of 2xD depths machining, TaeguTec also offers carbide brazed holders capable of deep internal grooving up to 4xD. Tool holders include internal coolant for improved tool life and facilitates optimal chip evacuation.

What makes the WIN-I-GROOVE line stand out?

» Small bore internal grooving insert
» Improved economy compared to solid carbide tools
» Unique inclined clamping system
» Pinpointed coolant flow to the cutting edge
» Various holders available


TaeguTec The WIN-I-GROOVE Small Hole Internal Grooving Insert Line


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