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WIN-DRILL – Head Changeable Line for Small Diameter Drilling

WIN-DRILL Head Changeable Line for Small Diameter Drilling graphic

TaeguTec introduces an interchangeable drill head line for small diameter hole-making.

Head-changeable WIN-DRILL line – find out more

Introducing the head-changeable WIN-DRILL line with a unique cutting edge design that improves productivity as well as reduces the cost for small hole applications.

The replaceable head design of the new WIN-DRILL products, which are available in 0.1 mm increments between 4-5.9 mm head diameters, eliminates the need for extra set-up time and increases productivity compared to the solid carbide drill option currently available. These features effectively make the WIN-DRILL family the innovative small-diameter hole machining solution.

WIN-DRILL Features:

  Head-changeable drills for small diameter holes
  Drill Diameter range: 4-5.9 mm (0.1 mm increments)
  Available in two holder depths: 3xD and 5xD
  Shanks are compatible with a wide range of diameter heads
  Excellent machining performance and high productivity
  No set-up time and no head change offsetting required

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