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WIN-4-FEED BLMV: Next Generation High Feed Milling Line with V-Bottom for Stronger Clamping

WIN-4-FEED BLMV Next Generation High Feed Milling Line graphics AG Technik

WIN-4-FEED’s BLMV inserts and cutters are the next-generation high feed milling solution. Building on the success of the CHASE-4-FEED series, TaeguTec has unveiled the powerful premium high feed milling line WIN-4-FEED that includes BLMV inserts and dedicated cutters.

WIN-4-FEED BLMV – High Feed Milling Line: New possibilities and greater efficiency

The BLMV line’s V-shaped contact face, which prevents insert rotation during ramping and plunging operations, contributes to its steady machining performance and increased productivity. These features not only ensure a high ramping angle but also enable deeper step-down machining, boost productivity, and provide a range of machining entry operations.

WIN-4-FEED Family

The insert comes in an M type chip former and has a 6 mm I.C. size. Later, -MM and -ML chip formers will both be made available. There are two different types of cutters: Ø32-63 mm face cutters and Ø16 -40 mm end mills.

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