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TENDO Silver – SCHUNK recently presented a New Hydraulic Expansion Toolholders

TENDO Silver New Hydraulic Expansion Toolholder from Schunk graphic

TENDO Silver provides a budget-friendly entry into the world of hydraulic expansion technology, offering the best price/performance ratio in direct clamping. Nine interfaces make the TENDO Silver a precise clamping device with a reliable process that is compatible with all machine tool spindles.

TENDO Silver from SCHUNK

The TENDO Silver from SCHUNK‘s economy segment provides users with an all-rounder which, in addition to its technological advantages, is also highly impressive due to its outstanding price-performance ratio.

Run-out and repeat accuracy. Highest, permanent run-out and repeat accuracy of < 0.003 mm ensure an even cutting action. This minimizes wear to the cutting edges of the tool, increases tool service life considerably, and reduces the costs incurred for regrinding or buying new tools.

Schunk Tendo Silver

TENDO Silver Advantages – Your benefits:

  • All commercially available tool shank types can be clamped
    Form A: with smooth cylindrical shank, shank form A in accordance with DIN 1835 and DIN 6535 HA Form AB: with flat face and cylindrical shank with pulling face, shank form B in accordance with DIN 1835 and DIN 6535 HB Form B: with lateral pulling faces, shank form B in accordance with DIN 1835 Form E: with inclined clamping face, shank form E in accordance with DIN 1835 and DIN 6535 HE
  • Fine-balanced by default
    Suitable for high speeds with a balancing grade of G2.5 at 25,000 RPM
  • Micron precise tool change in seconds without peripheral equipment
    Time saving through reduction of set-up time and no investment and energy costs due to additional clamping devices
  • Permanent run-out and repeat accuracy of < 0.003 mm
    Even cutting action, increased tool service life, and reduced costs for regrinding or buying new tools
  • Excellent vibration damping
    Micro-blowouts are prevented, best workpiece surfaces, machine spindle protection, increased tool service life resulting in cost reductions
  • Exact length preadjustment
    Length adjustment in the range of 0.01 mm accuracy, with adjustment travel of 10 mm
  • High degree of flexibility
    Clamping of different diameters due to the use of slotted or coolant-proof intermediate sleeves
  • Broad compatibility
    Can be ideally combined with TENDO SVL and TRIBOS SVL extensions
  • Dirt grooves for reliable torque transmission
    Dry clamping surfaces, by displacement of oil, grease or lubricant residues into the dirt groove

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