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SuperF-UT Solid Carbide End Mills

SuperF-UT Solid Carbide End Mills image AG Technik graphic

STOCK AG Company presents the SuperF-UT Solid Carbide End Mills. Find out more about the new line of super-strong tools!

SuperF-UT Solid Carbide End Mills: Milling cutter with unequal flute spacing enable even more performance and quality

SuperF-UT series from STOCK offer the following advantages in contrast to conventional tools:

  • vibration-free running,
  • improved surface finish quality,
  • longer tool life,
  • larger cutting depths,
  • greater accuracy,
  • wider application range for finishing and roughing as well as slot milling
  • suitable for HPC operations

Solid carbide end mills among a wide range of STOCK products

The STOCK brand offers a very wide range of products for each material group. Here we will find cutters for general machining, exotic alloys, non-ferrous materials and hardened steels.

We would like to pay special attention to cutters dedicated to machining stainless steel, titanium and Inconel alloys. The SuperF-UT NX line is very strong in this case.

  • FACE GEOMETRY: Our types NX as well as the pilot end mills have a special face geometry for plunging.
  • ALLROUNDER TYP NX: Thanks to its special face geometry SuperF-UT type NX is suitable for a wide range of machining operations. This includes ramping with very steep plunging angles, drilling up to a machining depth of 2xD as well as slotting, roughing and finishing. This milling cutter type is also available as “undersize milling cutter“.
  • UNEQUAL HELIX: 36°/37°/38° with type NX | 35°/38° with type Ti | 40°/42° with type H and type S41°/43°/45° with type NX-3

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