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Stock Tools for chamfering and deburring

Chamfering and deburring with Stock Tools graphic

It’s all about the edge! Chamfering and deburring with Stock Tools is now easier than ever before! Find out more about Stock’s new milling cutters!

Stock Tools – Precision in high-speed

Deburring and chamfering milling cutter with 6 cutting edges for maximum performance in universal machining:

  very good surface finishes,
  long tool life thanks to wear-resistant coating,
  highest feed rates thanks to 6 teeth.

Spiral-fluted deburring & chamfering milling cutter with 5 cutting edges for top results even in soft and tough materials:

  face cut for use of full cutting length,
  machining up to the component base,
  reduced vibrations thanks to 5 different helix angles,
  spiral with positive rake angle guarantees a soft cut and better surfaces – even with large chamfers.

Stock Tools – Favourite surfaces

Burr-free thanks to high precision:

  wide range of countersinking tools,
  deburring tools for cross holes,
  backward chamfering and deburring possible.

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