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Power clamp Shrink Fit Technology

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Innovative Power Clamp Shrink Fit Technology from Haimer allows you to operate comfortably and efficiently. Learn more about this progressive technology!

10 reasons to use the Power Clamp Shrink Fit Technology

Top 10 Reasons to Use HAIMER Shrink Fit Technology:

  • Unsurpassed machining accuracy
  • Slim profiles – perfect for 5-axis machining
  • Gripping torque
  • Consistency of setup
  • Extended reach options
  • Balance accuracy and repeatability
  • Reduction of tool changing time & less tool holder accessory inventroy
  • Clean bores
  • Coolant options
  • Availability

Power Clamp Shrink Fit Technology: The Contact Cooling

The patented cooling system from HAIMER is the quickest and cleanest method of cooling shrink fit chucks. There is a suitable cooling body for every chuck. The cooling body has full surface contact with the shrink fit chuck and extracts the heat smoothly. A water cycle cools the cooling body.

The cooling procedure takes place evenly and gently. There is no deformation of the chuck. The runout accuracy is preserved. The chucks do not come into contact with the water. They remain dry and do not rust. The work place also remains clean and dry.

Shrink Fit Technology: The New Generation (NG) Coils

The intelligent NG coils are particularly flexible, comfortable and adjustable. With one turn, you can set the coil to the size of the shrink fit chucks, both in length and diameter. Stop disks are no longer necessary. This means the chuck is only heated where it is intended, even with special sizes.

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