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New series Q-WING ENDMILLS from WIDIN!

new series WIDIN Q-WING ENDMILLS milling cutters soft steels iron aluminum graphic AG Technik

The latest series of milling cutters from WIDIN Q-WING is perfect for processing “soft” steels.

New series from WIDIN: Q-WING milling cutters

New Q-WING cutters from WIDIN are dedicated to machining high-carbon steel, cast iron and aluminium.

Q-WING Series WIDIN milling cutters zastosowanie

Q-WING milling cutters Series characteristics

  • Implementing variable helix, index on the general purpose endmill achieved more stable machinability;
  • Ensured high machinability and reduced vibration through the variable helix in the cutting edge;
  • Providing excellent finish on machined surfaces, applying TiAlN Coating;
  • Providing customer convenience by various line up of specifications commonly used in milling processes.

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