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MODU-R-DRILL (MDB): Unique Modular System for Various Drilling Diameters and Depths

MODU-R-DRILL (MDB) Unique Modular System for Various Drilling Diameters and Depths graphic

As part of the new technologically advanced SFEED-TEC products, TaeguTec is introducing the MODU-R-DRILL modular type tool for holemaking applications, which is part of the TWIN-RUSH family.

MODU-R-DRILL: The new SFEED-TEC modular type TWIN-RUSH line provides superior machining and excellent hole quality

A new line from TaeguTec is perfect for hole machining of 26 mm diameter and above, as well as improved productivity due to the symmetric design which reduces tool cost, yet expands the range of TWIN-RUSH applications.


What makes the new MODU-R-DRILL line unique?

By assembling a modular holder that fits the depth of the hole into a single modular head, the new offering is able to maintain high-feed machining and quality. It also reduces tool cost by only requiring the modular head be removed when changing the tool.

In the center of the modular head, a new uniquely designed head (TCD P-CO+) has been applied with a self-centering capability to improve the hole straightness. In addition, the exterior inserts with wiper area (SPGX-DW) and dedicated guide pads provide excellent surface roughness.

Unique Modular System for Various Drilling, Diameters and Depths

禄 Economical solution with modular system
禄 Double effective design for higher productivity
禄 Good positioning and hole straightness
禄 User-friendly modular clamping system
禄 Smooth chip evacuation

For further technical questions, please contact TaeguTec鈥檚 product manager.

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