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MAXI-SFEED Quick Changeable Solid Carbide Head for Multiple Machining by TaeguTec

MAXI-SFEED Quick Changeable Solid Carbide Head for Multiple Machining by TaeguTec graphic AG Technik

MAXI-SFEED is an optimized slotting line of TaeguTec dedicated to the machining of various machinery components and mini-sized operations. Get to know more about quick changeable solid Carbide Head for multiple machining!

TaeguTec has introduced a multi-purpose, carbide head-exchangeable line for various applications

TaeguTec’s unique yet simple design allows for precise and rigid mounting of a head exchangeable slotting cutter with the use of only one clamping screw, thereby eliminating the need for additional setup time. Furthermore, it is a more productive solution compared to the slotting insert type, due to the cutter’s additional cutting edges being applied to the same diameter.

In addition to slotting, the head-exchangeable head can be used in other machining applications including facing and threading.


  • Simple and robust precision mounting system
  • More cutting edges maximize productivity
  • Suited for a wide variety of applications: Slotting, Facing and Threading
  • Wider usage due to several diameters and thicknesses

TaeguTec’s carbide head changeable MAXI-SFEED line introduces the ER Collet adaptor

The slotting, facing, and threading MAXI-SFEED line’s easy head change system enhances production thanks to a one screw mounting that reduces set-up time. TaeguTec has now released an extra ER collet adaptor that is compatible with a wide range of collet chucks.

Further changes to the line include updating the TR17 shank’s screw and wrench to improve efficiencies in stock delivery. The updated screw and wrench will be available after the current inventory runs out.

For detailed information about the MAXI-SFEED line, refer to our previous NPN.

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