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KONTEC KSC3 – proven maximum precision with even higher Process Reliability

KONTEC KSC3 from SCHUNK centric clamping maximum precision AG Technik graphic

The new KONTEC KSC3 from SCHUNK centric clamping vise offers the impressive and proven characteristics of the previous KONTEC KSC series, such as high precision with high lamping force and extremely flat design.

KONTEC KSC3: Proven maximum precision with even higher process reliability due to nickel-plated base body

A new absolute highlight is the nickel-plated base body, which optimally protects the clamping vise against corrosion and significantly expands the range of applications.

In addition, the interfering contour of some sizes has been further optimized so that the vises have even better accessibility, especially for 5-axis machining. An extremely wide range of system and top jaws, which is unique on the market, makes the centric clamping vise a clamping device that can be used flexibly.

The closed system with optimized chip drainage guarantees maximum process reliability. Existing KSC clamping vises can be replaced 1:1 by the new generation, making your production even more productive.

KONTEC KSC3 – basic clamping vise

The SCHUNK KSC3 centric clamping vise is very versatile due to its compact design and extremely high clamping force. This versatility is further enhanced by the new technical highlights.

SCHUNK KONTEC KSC3 centric clamping vises are manual direct clamping devices.

KONTEC KSC3 Functions:

  • Closed system – provides optimum protection against coolant and chips.
  • Recessed hexagonal connection – reduces the interfering contour.
  • Spindle drive for highest clamping forces.
  • Long slide – offers optimum support for O.D. and I.D. clamping.
  • Drainage slots for coolant and chips.
  • Mounting threads for workpiece stops.
  • System jaw with grip step and smooth clamping surface – enables first and second-side machining with only one jaw.
  • Ball bearing mounted, backlash-free spindle for highest repeat accuracy.
  • Low height increases the workspace of your machine.
  • Laser-etched ruler for fast positioning of the system jaws and the workpiece.

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